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air Fall is a cruel truth of the 21st century attributed to stressful living, environmental pollution, and unhealthy lifestyles. Hair Fall begins with thinning which if not controlled in the initial stages can get out of hand and result in permanent balding. The simplest and most effective solution to hair troubles is to eat healthy food and stay away from stress and pollution at all costs but this is a distant dream for most of us who lead modern, fast-paced lives with very little opportunities to take care of one’s own health.


Are Hair Growth Supplements Healthy?

People suffering from hair loss have to go through psychological trauma and it can seem difficult to go about daily tasks due to self-confidence issues related to Hair Loss. Hair Growth supplements have emerged as life-savers in this era of premature balding that serve as a solution to help nourish hair follicles so that they produce healthy, thick, and strong hair.

Hair growth supplements contain a healthy cocktail of vitamins and minerals most important for promoting healthy hair growth. The Vitamins and Minerals that are most effective in promoting hair growth include Vitamin C, Vitamin B Biotin, and Niacin, Vitamin D, Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Iron, and Zinc.


INJA Life Collagen: A superior Japanese Hair Fall Solution!

One such health supplement all the way from Japan called ‘INJA Life Collagen’ has arrived as the answer to hair fall woes. INJA Life Collagen is a Collagen containing all the essential ingredients that will nourish the entire body, including Hair.

This Marine Collagen is consumed by mixing with water and is beneficial to every part of the body thanks to all the Vitamins and Minerals packed into each Inja product. INJA Life Collagen has something for every part of the body including Hair, Eyes, Skin, Muscles and Tissues, Immunity, Nails, Bones, and Joints.

On consumption of the INJA Life Collagen Collagen supplement, you will see an overall improvement in the Volume, Thickness, and Texture of otherwise dull, receding hair.

Each box of INJA Life Collagen contains 30 sachets, each of which makes a 100-ml glass of water enriched with the immensely beneficial properties of the Marine Collagen. It helps strengthen Keratin thus promoting growth of strong and luscious hair in less than 62 days.


An all-rounder Health Supplement:

INJA Life Collagen is a Bio Peptide extracted from the Skin and Scales of Fish. As such, people allergic to fish may need to take extra caution before consuming this product.

When INJA Life Collagen is consumed continuously for a specific period of time, hair thickness increases and receding hairlines come back to life. This was observed in the increase in amount of pulling force required to break otherwise fragile hair strands.

The INJA Life Collagen Marine Collagen comes in powder form and easily dissolves in Water, Tea, Coffee, and other drinks making it an easily consumable and digestible Hair and Health Supplement. It brings the very best of Japanese wellness as a permanent and long-lasting reversible solution to Hair Loss, Pre-Mature Balding and general lifelessness of hair.

Hair is just as important as any other part of your body. By investing in a superior product like INJA Life Collagen, you’re taking the right steps to protect your hair against damage.


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