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Importance Of Consuming The Best Protein Supplement


Protein is an essential constituent of a human body. They are composed of amino acids that are linked together in form of a beaded string. They are needed for producing enzymes, hormones, building and repairing tissues.  Proteins are an important component of hair, nails, cartilage, bones and muscles. Protein are said to decrease appetite thus leading to effective weight loss. A protein rich diet helps to stabilize sugar levels, aids in losing weight, amplify your energy and let your nervous system function properly.


The five important nutrients that a human body needs are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Protein is a macronutrient that means it is needed in large quantities unlike micronutrients (minerals and vitamins).  Protein cannot be stored like carbs and fats so it becomes mandatory that you include protein in your diet every day. If you are on a muscle-building regime   then you should always go for the best protein supplement, supported by collagen supplements like INJA Life Collagen, to fulfill the day-to-day requirement of your body.


Sources of protein:


When the body consumes protein it is broken down into amino acids, which is used by the body to perform various functions. Proteins are found in animal meats, fish, eggs, soybeans, nut butters and whole grains. Body builders and others who focus on building muscles consume best protein supplements available in the market.


How much protein should you be eating?


The amount of protein that you need depends on a large number of factors like calories intake, age, physical activities and state of health. If you are a man leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming 2000 calories a day you will need 56 grams of protein similarly women need 46 grams a day. 30 grams of protein rich food contains 7 grams of protein. For children and teens the amount may vary depending on their respective ages.


What happens to your body when you eat protein?


The intestines of the human body cannot digest proteins as a single one unit, so the digestive enzymes break the proteins into groups of more than one amino acid called peptides or just single amino acids.  Peptides are then absorbed in the bloodstream and carried in the different parts of the body wherever they are needed. Proteins can be used to release energy or produce new proteins.


As we all know that proteins are broken down into amino acids that are utilized by the body for various functions, these amino acids are further divided into three categories:


  1. Essential amino acids: These are the ones that the body cannot produce on its own. They can be acquired through other protein rich sources.
  2. Non-essential amino acids: The human body can synthesize this amino acid on its own.
  3. Conditional amino acids:  These amino acids are essential for the body in some specific conditions maybe some sort of illness or damage.


There is one precaution you must take while consuming a protein rich diet or trying out some of the best protein supplements:


A very high protein diet is not recommended as it may damage your kidneys. One should always keep in mind that a healthy nutrition means a right balance of the required nutrients.


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