Kaizzad Capadia


I am known to take a lot of different Nutraceutical supplements for varied benefits.

I have been aware of Collagen as the elastic, tensile scaffolding that holds our various soft tissues such as Skin, Skeletal Muscle and connective tissues such as tendons & ligaments together providing them much needed structural integrity.

Since skin is the most visible tissue, the signs of Collagen degradation show very conspicuously as we age. This degradation is the most recognisable sign of ageing - Wrinkles.

When I was first introduced to INJA COLLAGEN, I was immediately tempted to try it out extensively. The background of the company immediately told me that the product in terms of quality with regards to raw material sourcing, solubility, stability in solution, palatability, presentation and packaging would be top notch. 

Me and my wife Kalyani, are both in our mid-40's and were perfect candidates to see and experience the benefits of supplementing with Collagen, as it is around the 40's that Collagen starts to degrade at a fast rate. We both had experienced a little laxity of skin that had lined our faces.

INJA has used Marine Collagen, and that too, sourced specifically from Fish and not other so called Marine sources such as Shell or Jelly Fish. This Collagen, derived from Fish, as per claims is the superior form when it comes to Bio-Availability. 

The INJA LIFE Collagen came in the form of a hydrolysed, flavoured powder filled in a convenient slim sachet at a good efficacious dose of about 5 grams a pop. I put myself and my wife Kalyani on 2-3 servings per day.  

I found the powder dissolving and staying in suspension beautifully with a modest amount of stirring.

The Blue Berry flavour was also very pleasant on the Palate.

 I was pleasantly surprised at the very tangible results that me and my wife experienced in a 12-week period. Our skin got tighter, smoother and the lines reduced noticeably and we did start receiving compliments about how we were looking like we reversed ageing. It's always a great feeling especially when at the age of 45 one gets compliments about looking younger.

 I used the words, "pleasantly surprised" because even though backed by science, there are very little products out there that actually deliver as per claims. This one did. 

This 3-Month trial has convinced me to keep Flavoured, Hydrolyzed Collagen powder as a Staple in mine and my wife's Nutraceutical arsenal, in our bid to stay young and strong throughout our 70's and 80s. 

And due to this amazing result of meeting expectations, I will definitely stick to INJA LIFE as the brand of Collagen that I TRUST.


Kaizzad Capadia

Co-Founder & Director of The K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences




Dr. Mithila Desai


I have a hectic work schedule and I hardly have time to look after myself. However, I was always regular with my multivitamins and yet, didn't feel this change which I am feeling now,  since the last 6 months, ever since I have been regularly consuming INJA Life Collagen.

It has worked for me internally, in terms of strength and overall health, and I am feeling extremely fit and fresh all day long.

My hair fall has stopped completely and skin looks firmer and better than before.


Thanks INJA Life Collagen.


Dr. Mithila Desai

MA PhD (Clinical Psychologist)

Founder & Owner of Young Achievers (Career Guidance Company)