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How INJA Collagen Helps

  • + Rejuvenate, Support, and Strengthen Skin

  • + Increase Skin Hydration and Skin Glow

  • + Aid Skin Elasticity

  • + Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • + Tighten Skin & Improve Skin Tone

+ Strengthen Hair at The Roots

+ Increase Hair Growth

+ Enhance Hair Thickness & Volume

+ Improve hair texture

+ Prevent hair follicle damage

+ Grow Lean Muscle

+ Aid Muscle Repair & Recovery

+ Improve Joint Health & Mobility

+ Strengthen Joint Health

+ Reduce Joint Inflammation

+ Reinforce Tendons & Ligaments

+ Restore Bone Mineral Density

+ Preserve Bone Health & Flexibility

+ Improve Gut Health

+ Boost Immunity

+ Strengthen Nails

+ Foster Nail Growth

+ Reduce Nail Breakage & Damage

+ Decrease Nail Brittleness

What our customers have to say!

Results from Daily Consumption

30 Days

Rise in Levels of Collagen in the Body

45 Days

Increased Skin Elasticity, Improved Joint Health & Faster Nail Growth

60 Days

Reduction in Fine-Lines & Wrinkles. Enhanced Skin Glow and Healthier Hair

90 Days

Adequate Collagen Level

Post 90 Days

Continue Consumption to Maintain and Improve Results

Google Reviews

Dr Simran Sood
Dr Simran Sood
Great product ! It really works :) Having Inja collagen for a little over a year has improved my skin considerably and reduced hair fall as well. My skin has been feeling way more healthy and plump, something the conventional skin care products rarely did for me. It has worked on my nails and hair length too. I take the recommended dosage ( one scoop) everyday with my morning smoothie and it works like magic! Must try !
Mallika Dahiya
Mallika Dahiya
My dermatologist asked me to have collagen to improve my skin and hair. After checking out a few brands and reading reviews I tried INJA Life Collagen. I couldn't have been happier. It tastes great, it's extremely easy to mix in water and needless to say the results are amazing! Glad to have come across INJA Life!
Swati Sheth
Swati Sheth
Collagen is part of my daily diet since the past 3years. I have found Inja Collagen to be of the finest quality. It has been extremely beneficial in improving my skin health and muscle recovery post workout. I love the flavours it offers.
Ankit Agarwal
Ankit Agarwal
Been using INJA pro for over 4 months, i usually mix it with my daily glass of coconut water making the process almost involuntary. The collagen has definitely helped me exert more at workouts minimising muscle related injuries. Has definitely cleared up my skin and made it glow, would highly recommend it
Nilesh Gandhi
Nilesh Gandhi
Great product and packaging! Very professional order/delivery system. Collagen consumption benefits me to recover after my tennis games, running or other exercises. It has no side effects and helps to strengthen the IMMUNE system. A stronger IMMUNE system helps avoid small infections too. Glycine - an amino acid abundant in INJA collagen also helps my sound sleep. High concentrations of glycine are found in our muscles, skin, and other connective tissues. Approximately 20 percent of INJA collagen is composed of glycine. Glycine also plays an important role in supporting a healthy digestive system.
I started using the Collagen Powder from inja 2 months ago along with regular exercise and a considerably healthy diet. The synergy is quite beneficial and there is visible change in my skin texture. The best part about their collagen is that there is no bad smell or aftertaste left behind.
I have been loving INJA products, especially their Collagen range. INJA Pro has really helped me with my skin and hairfall. My skin feels more plump and moisturised than before and my nails grow quickly without much effort! Thank you so much, INJA
Pullesh Savant
Pullesh Savant
Love the products! Definitely the best quality Collagen products in the market. Highly recommend them. This is my 6th box!

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